Concrete Tanks
Septic Tank
Septic Tank
Dosing Tank
A dosing tank is an underground chamber made of concrete or other material. It is placed after the septic tank and is used to pump effluent to the drianfield.
A septic tank is an underground chamber made of concrete or other material through which domestic wastewater flows for basic treatment.
Dosing Tank
More storage can be achieved by linking tanks together. These are custom built with low holes for the water, and high holes for the air.
Combining Tank
Combining Tanks
Grease Interceptor Tank
Grease Interceptor Tank
A grease interceptor tank is an underground chamber made of concrete or other material. In some situations it is placed between the kitchen drains and the septic tank. It filters out excess grease that may enter the drains. This will increase the amount of time between needing the system pumped, will prevent oils from filling up the septic tank and keep grease out
of the drainfield.
Septic/Pump (SP)
(SP) Tank
A septic/pump tank is an underground chamber. It has two compartments, the first compartment acts as the septic tank. The second compartment has a pump placed in it. This is used as a lift station when pumping to a septic tank, ultraviolet treatment tank and some residential systems that pump into city sewer systems.
Oil Water Separator
Oil Water Separator
An oil water separator is an underground chamber made to separate oils and water from car washes, shops, streets, parking lots, etc. It is a three compartment tank and is built traffic rated.
Specialized tank designed specifically to meet Lowridge Technologies LLC system. (
Water Storage Tanks
Water Storage Tank
Underground chamber for storing water. This tank is salt rinsed and uses green mastic to help keep the water pure.
Irrigation Weir Box
A weir box is used in irrigation. They help control the flow and screen the water before it reaches the pumps. These are custom built tanks to meet the individual needs.
Irrigation Weir Boxes
Well House
Fire Water Storage
Fire Water Storage
Well House
A well house tank is used to keep the well components underground.  Risers are cast into the concrete to allow for larger access, and ladders are installed.  A drain can be placed at the bottom of the tank, if needed. These are custom built to meet individual needs.
The fire water storage tank is linked together to achieve desired amount of water storage needed. Pipe size between tanks will depend on the required flow rate needed.
Water Trough Tank
Water Trough
Livestock water tank is poured shallow allowing the cows, horses, etc. to drink from. A drain hole is placed at the bottom of the tank for cleaning purposes. Fill holes
can be placed in center of tank or any specified location. Tanks have been linked together to accommodate larger herds.
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