| Product Data & Information
| Delivery and Placement
All products are Washington State approved.
All concrete is constructed with rebar reinforcement, and reaches a minimum compressive strength of 5000 psi after 2 weeks of curing.

Tanks are designed to support 3’ of burial depth plus a 2500 lb. wheel load.  If tanks are buried deeper than 3’ it is recommended that a traffic bearing tank is used.

Risers and lids are not designed for wheel traffic, however they have been tested with loads that significantly exceed 2500 lbs.

Rubber boot seals are clamped to the pipe with stainless clamps and are designed to meet or exceed ASTM C-1644.
When digging the hole, dig about 36” longer and wider than dimensions of
the tank. The depth depends on the stub out from the building.
The hole will need to be flat and clear of large rocks. Engineer recommends that the hole  is trenched slightly so that the corners of the tank are holding the weight. 

Our trucks deliver products directly to the job site, and in most cases the structure can be set exactly where needed.  Our drivers will work with you
on making sure the tank is level, and that you are happy with the placement.

The work site needs to have a clear path to the hole. The trucks load
and unload directly off the back end with a rail that hangs out
12 feet from the rear axles. Holes need to be ready ahead of time.
Each tank will need to be set separately, the truck will drop one tank then need to reposition to set the second tank. Our trucks are not able to set
the second tank over the first one.

Different soil types can make it more difficult to drive up to the hole.
If you have sandy soils, please soak the pathway for at least
24 hours. During the spring and fall, you will need to be sure that the ground is not soft, typically if a pickup truck can drive to the hole
in 2 wheel drive our drivers will be able to drive the truck to the hole.
If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.
| Customization
Molds can be modified to match site needs.
Inventory can be cut, core drilled, or patched according to your needs.

Custom jobs can take between 3-5 weeks to complete. This is mainly due to the time it takes for concrete to cure out in the yard.

The tank molds can be modified to meet site needs.
- Casting in rubber boots, sizes 2-18 inches.
- Holes for pipe.
- Direct drive rubber boots
- V channeling for matching irrigation canals.
- Forming walls inside the tanks.

Other modification options
- Core Drilling
- Concrete Cutting
- Patching
- Chemical Crystallization additive
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