Grade Rings/ Lids/Tank Adapters
Grade Rings/ Lids/ Tank Adapters
Grade Rings/ Lids/Tank Adapters
M-1 Tanks provides a variety of miscellaneous products to help support precast structures and cater to individual needs. This includes lids, adapters, and grade rings, stepping stones, etc.

Concrete Lids:
Octagon lids
Rectangle lids
Round lids
Lids may be used with manholes, catch basins, or septic tanks.

Concrete adapters are specifically designed to work with 24” ultra rib pipe. Often times the access to septic tanks are too large for the 24” pipe to sit on. Older tanks will need modified concrete adapters to sit on top of the tank and bush down to fit the 24” riser pipe.  M-1 Tanks carries both a 34”(outside diameter) round adaptor and a 39” x 34.5” square adaptor with a round center.

Grade rings (Adjustment Rings):
Round grade rings are 34” outside diameter with 24” inside diameter. The size range is 2-6” in height.
Rectangle grade rings are 30” x 34” outside diameter, 20” x 24” inside diameter. The size range is 2-6” and 12” in height.

Stepping stones:
12” square
16” square, round, hex
18” round, square, crescent, heart, hex
24” square
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